"My sister and I wrote My Adoption Feelings because we wanted something that could benefit the adoption community. It is meant for parents and children."

Meet Henry! Henry helps families begin a dialog between parents and children as he deals with obstacles that adoptive children and their parents may encounter. Skills, scenarios, and discussions are offered to help families address the often mixed emotions of raising an adopted child.


By Caitlin Elliotton July 8, 2016

I was previously an assistant in a preschool classroom and I wish I could have read this book to my students. It is so important that not only the children adopted know that they are the same as their peers and their families love them but the other children need to understand that also. I strongly encourage more families to buy this book and read it to their children, adopted or not.


By A. Myaskovskyon July 24, 2016

"My Adoption Feelings" is an age appropriate story with easy language for kids to understand with cute pictures that will keep their attention. A story you can easily read when your child has questions about their family or as a bedtime story. The 'Information for Parents' in the back of the book was helpful as there are some open-ended questions to start conversations between parent and child.